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class connector_types.connector_type_webdav.ConnectorTypeWebDAV


argslist[]The arguments to pass to the method.
cacertstrNoneProvide the certificate to be able to connect to servers with self-signed certificates. Alternatively TLS verification can be disabled with verify_ssl=False.
kwargsdict{}The keyword arguments to pass to the method.
loginstrNoneThe name of the user. Mutually exclusive with token. If set password must also be set.
methodstrThe webdav method to call. The name of the method, as implemented in, only some are implemented to work with cloudomation. The following methods are implemented: - list - free - exists - createdirectory - is_directory - info - unlink - delete - move - copy The following additonal methods are provided: - download_base64(path: typing.Union[str, "os.PathLike[str]"]) -> str """Returns the content of the file as base64 as string.""" - download_cloudomation(remote_path: typing.Union[str, "os.PathLike[str]"], cloudomation_path: typing.Union[str, "os.PathLike[str]"]) -> None """Stores the file in cloudomation.""" - upload_base64(path: typing.Union[str, "os.PathLike[str]"], bytes: str, buffersize: typing.Optional[int] = None, overwrite: bool = True) -> None """Store the base64 encoded bytes in path on the server.""" - upload_cloudomation(cloudomation_path: typing.Union[str, "os.PathLike[str]"], remote_path: typing.Union[str, "os.PathLike[str]"], buffer_size: typing.Optional[int] = None, overwrite: bool = True) -> None """Store the cloudomation file on the remote."""
passwordstrNoneThe password of the user.
proxy_passwordstrNoneThe password of the user trying to log into the proxy server.
proxy_urlstrNoneRoute the traffic through this proxy server.
proxy_userstrNoneUse this username to log into the proxy server.
timeoutint30Timeout operations after this many seconds.
tokenstrNoneThe authentication token. Mutually exclusive with login.
urlstrThe URl where the WebDAV server is reachable. Scheme must be either http or https. May contain a path which is to be considered the root of the server.
verify_sslboolTrueVerify TLS certificates. Only takes effect when requesting over https.


execution_idintThe ID of the connection execution
messagestrThe ended message for the connection. If the connection ended with an error, the message will contain information about what went wrong
statusstrThe ended status for the connection. Either "success" or "error".


input_list = ['args', 'cacert', 'kwargs', 'login', 'method', 'password', 'proxy_password', 'proxy_url', 'proxy_user', 'timeout', 'token', 'url', 'verify_ssl']output_list = ['log', 'result']ssl_context_inputs = ['check_hostname', 'client_cert', 'client_key', 'server_ca']version = 1