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Bundles can be used to load functionality into your Cloudomation workspace. We provide several bundles for commonly used functionality.

List of bundles

Connection Analysis & Test bundleThis bundle provides functionality to gather information about remote systems and run common prodecures on them.Download
Default roles bundleThis bundle provides a set of default roles to get you started with Cloudomations extensive role-bsed access control system.Download
Scheduling bundleThis bundle provides flexible and powerful means of repeatedly running a flow.Download
Wrapper bundleThis bundle provides a set of wrappers to easily set up notifications, retries, input and output checks and other handy functionality for your executions. Wrappers encapsulate executable resources. Executing a wrapped resource will instead run the wrapper, which can coordinate the execution of the wrapped resource.Download

Please refer to Importing records for documenation on how to import a bundle to your Cloudomation workspace.